Tuesday, October 12, 2010

using scents

scents can be a helpful tool if used at the right time. obviously you shouldn't use a doe in heat scent in early october......start using that scent around the end of october until late november. early in the season just use a regular deer scent. making a mock scrape can also be a helpful tool from mid october right on through the season. some hunters maintain a scrape year around, which works to get many different bucks to visit.

Monday, October 4, 2010

they don't grow big by being dumb

Most big bucks are shot by a hunter that just gets plain lucky. the older bucks are super smart, but with a little work they can be had. first off don't even think about jumping them from their beds or going into the sanctuary. stay clear of their safety zone or you will not see that buck again in the daylight, until about february.lol.....hunt around the edge of the bedding area just make sure your scent isn't blowing into the area.get situated early in the morning to catch him heading into his bedroom. stay until totally dark every night, he may not show until nearly dark.......